Fix30 Teak Deck Bedding Adhesive (White) (600ml) (Carton of 12)

600ml - Carton of 12 - Color: White
Fix 30 - Full surface bonding & bedding.
FIX30 is a solvent and water-free universal flexible adhesive. Suitable for bonding many types of timber, stone, marble, granite, and other products onto a variety of surfaces. It is an ideal exotic timber adhesive suitable for external and internal applications for marine, commercial and high quality residential timber decks.

Semi Flexible Adhesive

  • Bonding Teak Deck, Stone & Ceramic Tiles
  • Primer-less adhesion to many surfaces
  • Good working time, fast strength build up
  • Walk on in 12 hours, no bubble formation
  • Ages resistant and waterproof
  • Excellent Shock and sound absorbance
  • No fasteners required


Product Application Chart