Fix15 Multipurpose Adhesive Sealant (600ml)

600ml - Carton of 15
Fix15 - Is a very versatile high quality adhesive Non-Yellowing white sealant, single-component, flexible adhesive joint sealant with DNVGL Approval that is suitable for above and below the waterline bonding and sealing applications. Based on a Modified Polymer, it is chemically neutral and fully elastic. Suitable for use in low movement structural joints in marine, it is also suitable for automotive, aerospace, and construction applications where a tough flexible adhesive sealant is required. Fix15 - is available in Black and White.
Suitable for these applications:
  • All fittings, fixtures and fastenings.
  • UV stable, age resistant & weatherproof.
  • Underwater thru hull fittings.
  • Primerless adhesion to many surfaces.
  • No bubbles for perfect finish.
  • Waterproof sealing and wipes.
  • Save time and costs.
  • Paintable wet and flow coat after 1 hour.
  • Can bond underwater. (detail of procedure seek Fixtech advise)


Technical Data Sheet
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