About Us

Fixtech LLC is a specialist supplier of beautiful heat and UV resistant adhesive sealants, finishing sealants and structural adhesives.

We designed each and every product for the operational rigors of boats large and small, under sail or motor. Fixtech adhesive sealants are bonding and sealing from below the waterline to everything above the waterline. Every product in our range can be used in or on a boat.

Recreational vehicle industry, Fixtech adhesive sealants structurally bond all the panels together to make the unit. Then that unit is bonded to the sub frame work with the same adhesive sealant. Internally our products are bonding and sealing furniture, cabinets, kitchens and bathrooms. Externally our products are waterproofing and creating a professional beautiful waterproof and dust proof seals.

Every product in Fixtech is ideal for also building small houses and mobile homes with the maximum of just 2 products in Fixtech’s range.

Commercial trailers, Fixtech adhesive sealants are used for the structural side, roof and floor panel bonding to the framework. If the panels are full composite structural then they are frame-less and can be structurally bonded to the  perimeter structural sections only.  Fixtech adhesive sealants are used to also create waterproofing and dust seals, including all door frameworks and rubber seals.

Commercial buses are similar build to the trailers with the addition of windows, lockers and more composite bonding, including more roof penetrations and waterproofing requirements, Fixtech adhesive sealants have the bus covered.

Light aluminum aircraft simply our structural silicone for panel to frame bonding (aircraft riveted), structural adhesive sealant for exterior seams that require over painting, Fix200 for the poly-carbonate and acrylic window bonding and sealing.

Specialist construction and fabrication applications such as outdoor furniture adhesives, timber floor bonding (even it wet) that is 100% waterproof with one product.

Frame-less glass structural bonding and sealing, skylight, sliders, solar panels, waterproofing, beautiful white aluminum finishing silicone all done with one product from Fixtech’s range.

Fixtech started in Australia and seventeen (17) years later we have grown at a remarkable rate.  Thanks to writing some business plans, our specialist polymer chemists, dedicated staff in 5 countries and wonderful customers and well behaved products we are still expanding at a workable rate without expansion through acquisitions and debt free. This is what we believe makes Fixtech to be a worthwhile cost effective supplier to your needs now and into the future.

We have had a good foundation of distributors and customers in Australia, the Gulf, Indian Ocean, S.E.Asia, Far East Asia and the Pacific Islands. Fixtech LLC already has great feedback from customers in the USA, South America and the Caribbean. Now with our new office in Italy we are already receiving great positive feedback from our new customers in Europe.

All Fixtech offices are active with stock holdings in every Country including sales and technical staff located in the Gold Coast in Australia, Kaohsiung in Taiwan, Zhuhai in China, Dallas and Raleigh in the USA and finally Pisa in Italy.

Fixtech Products are the foundation of the Company, below is a brief description of them:

Fixtech Fix15 is the foundation product for the Company, used in every one of our target markets with the best feedback results. Fixtech Fix15 bonds to nearly everything. Fix15 is UV resistant, safe to use, and 100% waterproof and weatherproof, it is the best product you will ever use.

Fixtech developed Fix190 a structural adhesive sealant that has awesome primer-less bonding to just about every substrate. Fix190 is used for the structural bond of windows, panel bonding into offshore yachts, deck to hull joints, motor-homes, commercial trailers. Fixtech Fix190 in Australia is bonding and sealing FedEx and DHL vans, mobile libraries trailers, even Ambulances and sleeper cab bodies.

Fixtech Fix1DC teak deck caulking is the best in the world. Fix1DC is proven to be trouble free in some of the worlds most beautiful yet sometimes harshest regions. We are the market technical leader even helping TDS find a solution for their problems by our example.

Fixtech Fix8 structural silicones were developed for bonding and sealing smaller fiberglass, aluminum boats, recreational vehicle industry and smaller trailers. Fix8 is used for bonding and sealing panel, window, floor and weatherproof everything, a truly impressive performing silicone built for you in mind.

Fixtech FMP100 adhesive gel for bonding to wood, stone, foam core, brick adhesive, steel. FMP100 is a 100% waterproof adhesive, can even be applied to a moist surface, easy to use and bonds to everything porous.

Fixtech epoxy range is specifically designed to be multi functional:

Fixtech Fix1060 a 1:1 wood epoxy penetrating sealer multi functional specifically used with Fix1DC.

Fixtech Fix2120 a 1:1 non-brittle, semi flexible, strong epoxy for bonding wood teak decking to yachts. Also structurally bonds to fiberglass, carbon fiber, steel bonding floors, bracing and roof panels to vehicle frames even underwater fins.

Fixtech Fix6060 a 2:1 amazing light weight epoxy gel, for strong structural bonding of fiberglass, wood, carbon fiber , non-slump. You know what to do with this product.

Fixtech conducts regular in-house and independent testing of its adhesive sealants and epoxies in Europe, Australia and China. Tests are conducted on the products to the below standards, we also test on application parameters also.

C1184 Standard Specification for Structural Sealants,

GB16776-2005 Structural Glazing for Buildings,

ASTM D 5868-01 Lap Shear Adhesion for fiber reinforced Plastic (FRP) bonding and many other sub standards.

Fixtech conducts Fire testing to a selected range of adhesive sealants. Fix8, Fix15, Fix190 all tested to IMO Resolution MSC61 part 2 and part 5.  Passed.

All Fixtech products are manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO14001 for consistency and all designed for superior performance.

Fixtech Technical Data Sheets can give you more detailed information and application assistance.

That is About Us at Fixtech LLC, consider Fixtech products and Fixtech LLC for your next project, we are here for you.


Marine, Transport and Construction specific products offer:

  • High UV resistance, whites that do not yellow, and the other colors are colorfast
  • Paintable MSPolymer adhesive sealants for structural bonding and sealing
  • Non-Paintable Silicone adhesive sealants for structural bonding and sealing
  • Best deck caulking in the industry along with two types of bedding adhesives;
    • 1 part for easy of application and bonding with weights
    • 2 part for easy of application and bonding with vacuum bagging.
  • No solvent bubbles during cure
  • Continues to stay flexible over long periods of UV and heat exposure
  • Suitable for all uses above and below the waterline
  • Excellent adhesion onto many different substrates
  • Activator and Primer-less bonding to save you money.